The Boring Boy is 100% ethical from fibre to finish. What does that mean?

It means there's no slave labour. They're big words for a Saturday morning but modern slave labour exists in the fashion industry, and we didn't want to be a part of it. More than fifty million people across the world are still living in conditions of modern slave labour and the fashion industry is the second highest user of forced labour.

We had two choices: make our range unethically offshore and make a lot more money ourselves, or make our range in Australia, support local makers, and be ethical about the whole thing. We chose the latter.

So, our premium organic cotton is knitted in Melbourne with Fairtrade Certified fibres which means every step of the way from growing to harvesting to spinning to knitting is ethical because we care about our farmers.

Our makers are Melbourne-based and they're also Ethical Clothing Australia accredited which means the talented hands that have meticulously made our premium shirts are all living their best lives.

At Mister Bladin, we're all about making you feel good with great shirts, and we're about making the world a better place too. So our shirts reflect our values, from start to finish, and every shirt we create is 100% ethical.

That kind of commitment takes time to bring to life, so it's been a long two years in the making.

But this Sunday at 9am AEST, you can get your hot little hands on our ethical, sustainable, organic and exceptionally well-fitting shirts when The Boring Boy drops.

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