MISTER BLADIN ethical sustainable organic cotton fairtrade Australian made mens tshirt


We're for men who are tired of wearing mediocre shirts. We're for men who are tired of 'just ok'. We're for men who are tired of shirts that are too short, and shirts that fit like a bin bag.

It's our mission at MISTER BLADIN to solve these problems. Crappy quallity, a sloppy fit... It's not good enough for us. We make shirts that fit exceptionally well and last a long time, like good shirts should.


Our shirts are ethically made in Melbourne. Our crafty maker is Ethical Clothing Australia accredited. There are no sweatshop secrets here. 



Our shirts are sustainably made with organic cotton and dyed with OEKO-TEX dyes so when you've worn them out, you can feed them to the worms. But don't.



We spent years on these shirts and hundreds of hours on every detail. Tidy hemlines. No nasty cheap visible threads. Reinforced shoulder binds. The perfect neckline.



Our shirts may make you more attractive maybe even physically stronger. They may make you taller and more intelligent. They may make you earn more money.



Sustainable mens t shirts made in Australia with organic cotton


It took two years to perfect our fit because we didn't want to settle for second best.

We're Australian designed and Australian made.

It took years to perfect our fit because we didn't want to settle for second best. Quality matters and arguably, it matters most.

The average Australian sends around 23kg of textiles and clothing to the tip every year, and it's too much. We buy, we use, we throw away. Our 'take, use, waste' model doesn't work, and when you get what you pay for, and you pay for cheap clothing, it doesn't last.

Fast fashion and cheap clothes don't last the way clothes should. They warp after one wash and fall apart after three. The seams come apart and the hems fray, and when that happens, they end up in Vinnies bins and garbage bags around the country, and it's a major problem in Australia. 

It's a problem we set out to solve with MISTER BLADIN. We were determined to create an ethical and sustainable range of mens t-shirts and basics that didn't just tick our moral boxes, but actually lasted and looked good. Will we make less money because our shirts last longer and you don't have to replace them as often? Yep. But are we making the world a better place because we're conscious of our impact? Yep, and that's what really matters.

'Years' might seem like a long time to spend designing a shirt, but that's how long it takes to create a mindful, meticulously measured, perfectly fitting, quality t-shirt.

We could have settled with standard side-seams that split over time, but we opted for reinforced seams that last.

We could have opted for the standard fast and easy side split finish that unravels and frays after a few washes, but we chose to sample and develop, sample and develop, sample and develop until we worked out a way to protect our side splits from fraying.

We could have settled with standard shoulder seams and a boring neckline that stretches after two wears, but we wanted more because we don't settle for 'standard' and we don't settle for 'just ok' at MISTER BLADIN. So, we reinforced our shoulder seams and we designed a beautifully-finished strong neckline that doesn't wave, warp or loose it's stretch.

We might be biased, but we think we've designed an edit of t-shirts that may very well be the best in the world. They're ethical, sustainable, organic, fair trade, and most importantly - they fit like shirts should and they last. Less is more.

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Mister Bladin ethical sustainable organic mens tshirts made in australia cotton BASICS menswear grey


We only use fair trade, sustainable and organic cotton because the earth matters. We care about our impact and we want our clothing to make the world a better place.

We're a sustainable and slow fashion label with a purpose.

We only use fair trade, sustainable and biodegradable organic cotton because the earth matters. We thought long and hard about what fabrics we were going to make our shirts with, and we had plenty of options.

We could have chosen cheaper cotton that wasn't fair trade. We could have chosen cheaper cotton that wasn't organic. We could have chosen cheaper cotton that wasn't premium quality. We could have chosen a much cheaper cotton and polyester blend. But we chose purpose.

Throughout our two-year sustainable design process, we were faced with choices every step of the way to opt for cheap, to opt for fast, to opt for the easy-but-unsustainable way of doing things.

For us, business is about making the world a better place and using design to make a positive impact, not just make money. We chose purpose over profit throughout our design journey and we will always choose purpose.

We opt for long-term gains for the planet over short-term profits for us. We think about the bigger picture.

The entire MISTER BLADIN edit is made with fair trade, sustainable and biodegradable organic cotton. It isn't the cheapest option, but it's the best option.

Our premium organic cotton is knitted in Melbourne with Fairtrade Certified cotton which means every step of the way from growing to harvesting to spinning to knitting is ethical, because being sustainable means being ethical too.

Our local fabric mill is also ISO 14001 Certified, which means they abide by an international standard for environmental sustainability to reduce their waste, monitor their use of resources, and ultimately increase their positive environmental impact.

Our organic cotton is also OEKO-TEX 100 Certified which means it's been tested and proven to be free from harmful chemicals, toxic substances and anything nasty. Your skin is your largest organ, so what you wear - matters. The health and wellbeing of our customers is important to us, so the kind of fabric we use and the sustainable design decisions we make - are for you.

Our fabric is also Australian Certified Organic which means our cotton is grown without synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, growth regulators and GMOs. If you're wearing shirts made with non-organic cotton, it's time to switch.

And if that's not enough to persuade you that MISTER BLADIN shirts are the best shirts you'll ever buy, we'll just throw this in the mix too - our shirts are also biodegradable. It means we're designing with a long-term impact in mind, so everything from our cotton fabric to our cotton labels to our cotton tags, can be recycled, turned into new fabric, and used again. Because our shirts are so great, they're also biodegradable, so if you feel like feeding the worms with them, you can.

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Our shirts are ethically made in Melbourne, Australia by an ethical manufacturer. We care about how we treat the people who have helped bring the MISTER BLADIN vision to life.

Our organic men's shirts are ethical from fibre to finish.

Supporting Australian made has always been important to us, as individuals, as designers, as business owners. We're Melbourne born and bred and we wanted MISTER BLADIN to embody our community values.

We had the option, multiple times, to opt for cheaper international suppliers. We had two choices: make our range offshore and make a lot more money ourselves, or make our range in Australia, support local, and be ethical about the whole thing. We chose the latter.

Making our range locally in Australia meant smaller margins for us, but a better outcome for the Australian manufacturing and fashion industry, and we're all about the bigger picture.

There's a theory in business. 'Me and now' or 'us and later'. We're about the 'us and later' and it's what drives us at MISTER BLADIN. We think about the future of our planet and we think about the health and wellbeing of our community, and that means making short-term sacrifices for long term gains.

Making our range in Australia also means we're keeping transport, packaging and travel emissions down, which means a better impact on the environment.

We pay more for ethical production because we believe in equality and fair trade.

We know our makers personally and regularly visit their studios and workshops.  We also wanted transparency in our supply chain so that we could guarantee what we were doing was ethical, not just for ourselves, but for our customers.

Our shirts are so much more than just shirts. They stand for how things should be. Ethical, well made, long lasting. It's how things used to be.

All MISTER BLADIN shirts are ethically designed and made in Melbourne, Australia, and always will be. Shop our ethical and organic men's shirts here.