Our favourite sustainable menswear brands share our Australian made values.

Over the last three decades, ‘Australian made’ has been on the decline, but over the last three years, it’s been revived. We don’t want to drop the big c-word, but when the world shut down, most of us were forced to look locally for our everyday essentials – and it was a good thing. 

Buying Australian made is good for the planet and good for our local community.

For a handful of menswear brands in Australia though, the last few years hasn’t changed how they’ve operated because they’ve been manufacturing in Australia for as long as they’ve been around.

It’s what we’re all about – local, local, local – and because we believe that men should buy good quality Australian made, ethical and sustainable fashion, we want to make it as easy to find as possible.

So, we’re celebrating a few of our favourite Australian made, ethical and sustainable menswear brands that do things a little differently… 

 Our favourite sustainable menswear brands share our Australian made values.

To call Wootten an ordinary shoe brand would be offensive. Wootten’s head cordwainer, Jess Cameron-Wootten, is a passionate slow-fashion advocate, an incredible leather craftsman and a second-generation shoemaker who takes great pride in his work. Wootten’s leather shoes are different. They’re the kind of shoes you invest in because they’re made by hand in Ballarat. They’re the kind of shoes you hold on to and keep for years because they’re so damn comfortable. They’re the kind of shoes you fall a little more in love with each and every time you wear them. If you can’t tell, we’re big fans. Did we mention Wootten also make duffle bags? Stop it. 


 Our favourite sustainable menswear brands share our Australian made values. Mister Bladin

Nobody Denim
believes that sustainable business is good business, and we completely agree. Ethics are at the heart of what they do and they’re dedicated to minimising their carbon footprint through sustainable design. They’re also Ethical Clothing Australia Accredited so they tick a lot of boxes, but we’re not here to hand out stickers for star charts. We’re here to highlight our fellow Australian made menswear brands that make really good fashion with a purpose that fits well and performs like it should. Nobody Denim jeans do that. 


 Our favourite sustainable menswear brands share our Australian made values. Mister Bladin

It would be remiss if we wrote a blog post about our favourite Australian made menswear brands and didn’t include Mister Bladin. We’re our biggest fans. When you’re making shirts as good as ours, you’ve got to back yourself. We’ve been working on Mister Bladin for over two years to achieve our exceptional fit and our sustainable results, so we know just how good our shirts are – and they are damn good. These are no ordinary shirts. They’re slightly tailored and they’re designed for taller men. They’re impeccably finished and exceptionally detailed. They’re made with Australian-woven premium organic cotton and everything from our labels to our swing tags to our packaging is sustainable and plastic-free. We’ve put a lot of thought into our shirts so that you don’t have to. 

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