It took two years to perfect our MISTER BLADIN tailored t-shirt fit because we didn't want to settle for second best. Quality matters and arguably, it matters the most.

When you buy cheap fast fashion and spend $20 on a t-shirt, the buzz of a brand spanking new t-shirt wears off pretty quickly, and after one wash, it warps. The seams twist to the side, it shrinks, the neckline loses its shape and very quickly, that t-shirt makes its way into the Vinnies bin.

We know, because that's what we used to do. We're not proud of it, but once upon a time before we knew the difference between fast fashion and slow fashion, we'd buy a new shirt every weekend. But because we weren't investing in quality fashion or well made clothing, that shiny new feeling didn't last very long.

That's the problem we set out to solve with our ethical, sustainable, organic and Australian made mens t-shirts. We wanted to craft a shirt that fit the fifth time, the way it fitted the first time. We wanted to craft a shirt that could be worn and washed, worn and washed, worn and washed, and still felt as crisp as it did the day we first tried it on.

MISTER BLADIN's founder is a tall man. He's pretty handsome too, but when it came to buying shirts, he had tall man problems. They were never long enough. They shrunk into midriff shirts when he washed them. They were always just that little bit too short.

It's why we pre-shrink our shirts at MISTER BLADIN and it's why we've added a little bit of extra length too. They're for tall men who love good quality t-shirts that fit the way t-shirts should.

If you're a tall man and you're looking for slightly longer, ethical, sustainable, organic and Australian made t-shirts, we've got you covered. Shop the range here.

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I've got 99 problems but being tall ain't one. Tall man problems? We've got you. Mister Bladin Australian made mens shirt.