The Boring Boy drops in just three days.

The Boring Boy finally drops this Sunday at 9am AEST.

We hear you. What took so long?

We hit a speed bump with our makers. We could have released a shirt that wasn't up to our standard just to make our original launch date, but we decided to delay our launch instead and spend the time getting our shirts right.

Why? Because we care about quality, we care about our fit, and ultimately, we care about you. If you're going to invest in an organic, ethically made, sustainable, and exceptionally well-fitting shirt, we want you to live in it for years.

That kind of quality takes time to create, and that's what we're releasing this Sunday at 9am AEST.

What's so good about The Boring Boy?

Our exceptional fit has been two years in the making. We have sampled and sampled and sampled The Boring Boy to reach a fit like no other t-shirt you've ever tried.

It's slightly longer in the body for our tall guys.

It's tailored through the chest and arms but flexible through the waist so you can show off the things you want to and hide the things you don't.

It's pre-washed and pre-shrunk which is a game changer. How it fits now is how it'll fit forever. Unless you eat lots of cake.

In a nutshell, The Boring Boy is the most comfortable and best fitting shirt you'll ever wear, and it's well worth the wait.

Shop it here when it goes LIVE this Sunday. 

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