This is why we don't do Black Friday sales at MISTER BLADIN.

Black Friday is a pretty big deal. Your inbox is flooded with it, your social media feed is populated with it and everyone's talking about it. The thing is, we don't know if that's such a good thing. 

See, at MISTER BLADIN, we're about looking good, but we're also about doing good which means mindful consumption and conscious clothing, so buying something just because it's on sale isn't a good thing. Buying something because you need it and love it - is. 

Would we love to sell as many shirts to as many men as possible? Sure. But should we promote a sale that devalues our clothes and undermines our ethical makers to do that? We're not so sure.

We spent two years perfecting our fit, sampling and resampling to make sure what we put out into the world was going to last, and we spent a lot of time and money to make what we think is the world's best fitting organic cotton shirt for men.

Our shirts are really good quality and they're really worth investing in, so while a sale might push you over the edge to buy one, we don't believe a sale is what should make you buy one.

Our MISTER BLADIN shirts are ethical, sustainable, Australian made, made from high quality premium organic cotton, tailored for an exceptional fit, and they're just damn good.

Our customer reviews speak for themselves too, so don't just take our word for it. Our customers tell us things like, 'This is the best shirt I own' and 'This shirt is awesome' so we're not the only ones who think we've done exceptionally well with what we've consciously designed and meticulously created. And that kind of value, that kind of reliable quality and those kinds of customer reviews - they're what make MISTER BLADIN worth investing in when it comes to your own wardrobe. 

Shop the MISTER BLADIN range of basics here and invest in a good shirt because it's good, not because it's on sale.


This is why we don't do Black Friday sales at MISTER BLADIN organic AUstralian made mens clothing fashion t-shirts cotton

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