Find your perfect fit with our organic cotton t-shirts, specifically tailored for tall men.

Finding the perfect t-shirt can be a challenge for any man, but if you’re tall, the struggle is real. You know the drill... You spot a shirt you love but when you try it on, it's either too short or you have to size up, ending up with a sloppy, loose fit that lacks the tailored look you love.

MISTER BLADIN shirts are designed by a tall man for tall men, so we get it. We understand the unique needs of tall men and we know you shouldn't have to settle for short or second best. That’s why we’ve created ethical, sustainable, organic cotton t-shirts that fit right and make you look and feel exceptional.

So what do we do so different? Everything. At MISTER BLADIN, we believe in 'basics but better.' This philosophy drives us to design everyday essentials that are anything but ordinary. Our monochrome tall man t-shirts are crafted with the utmost care, combining classic style with modern tailoring to offer the perfect fit for tall men. No more compromising on length or dealing with baggy fits. Our tees are designed to accommodate your height while maintaining a slim, flattering silhouette. They're slim, long and soft to the touch, just like you.

Ok so they look good and feel good, but who cares about the fabric? Um, we do. We've seen all those polyester blend shirts flooding the shelves and we're horrified. Polyester sucks, it makes you stink and it's horrible for the planet. So when it comes to fabric, we don’t cut corners. Our t-shirts are made from 100% organically grown cotton, so they're soft, breathable, and kind to your skin. Organic cotton farming has a lower impact on the environment, promoting biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, and it's way better for the farmers too. We look after people, we're kind like that. Plus, our t-shirts are dyed with OEKO-TEX 100 Certified dyes, meaning they are free from harmful chemicals and safe for you and the planet.

We've done our homework so you don't have to. We are proud to be Ethical Clothing Accredited and we pay fair living wages and provide safe working conditions for our makers. We believe that fashion should be slow, ethical and sustainable, not fast and full of slave labour, so we're researched our supply chain from the cotton fields to the final stitch and we embrace ethical in every thread. By choosing our t-shirts, you're supporting a brand that values transparency, fairness, and environmental stewardship, which means you're doing good for the world too.

You'll look ridiculously good wearing a MISTER BLADIN tall man shirt too. Our t-shirts are not just longer; they're designed with a tailored fit that complements a tall frame. Say goodbye to the frustration of finding shirts that are either too short or too wide and enjoy t-shirts that fit perfectly for both comfort and style. Whether you’re paring it with a suit for a casual 'I woke up like this' look or dressing up for a night out with jeans and your favourite boots that'll end up beer stained anyway, our tees are versatile to suit any occasion.

Tall men love our MISTER BLADIN shirts. If you’ve been searching for the perfect organic cotton t-shirt that caters to your height and offers a slim, tailored fit, you've found it. Buy white first, that's your core wardrobe basic, but beware - you'll end up buying black and grey too. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and style means that you’ll find the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Shop the MISTER BLADIN range here and elevate your basics with our collection of organic cotton t-shirts for tall men. Because you deserve basics that are better.

MISTER BLADIN tall shirts for tall men long organic cotton ethical sustainable made in australia black white grey

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