QUALITY. It took two years to perfect our fit because we didn't want to settle for second best.

It took years to perfect our fit because we didn't want to settle for second best. Quality matters and arguably, it matters most.

The average Australian sends around 23kg of textiles and clothing to the tip every year, and it's too much. We buy, we use, we throw away. Our 'take, use, waste' model doesn't work, and when you get what you pay for, and you pay for cheap clothing, it doesn't last.

Fast fashion and cheap clothes don't last the way clothes should. They warp after one wash and fall apart after three. The seams come apart and the hems fray, and when that happens, they end up in Vinnies bins and garbage bags around the country, and it's a major problem in Australia. 

It's a problem we set out to solve with MISTER BLADIN. We were determined to create an ethical and sustainable range of mens t-shirts and basics that didn't just tick our moral boxes, but actually lasted and looked good. Will we make less money because our shirts last longer and you don't have to replace them as often? Yep. But are we making the world a better place because we're conscious of our impact? Yep, and that's what really matters.

'Years' might seem like a long time to spend designing a shirt, but that's how long it takes to create a mindful, meticulously measured, perfectly fitting, quality t-shirt.

We could have settled with standard side-seams that split over time, but we opted for reinforced seams that last.

We could have opted for the standard fast and easy side split finish that unravels and frays after a few washes, but we chose to sample and develop, sample and develop, sample and develop until we worked out a way to protect our side splits from fraying.

We could have settled with standard shoulder seams and a boring neckline that stretches after two wears, but we wanted more because we don't settle for 'standard' and we don't settle for 'just ok' at MISTER BLADIN. So, we reinforced our shoulder seams and we designed a beautifully-finished strong neckline that doesn't wave, warp or loose it's stretch.

We might be biased, but we think we've designed an edit of t-shirts that may very well be the best in the world. They're ethical, sustainable, organic, fair trade, and most importantly - they fit like shirts should and they last. Less is more.

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It took two years to perfect our fit because we didn't want to settle for sloppy seconds.