MISTER BLADIN is for all the boys who want to look good.

MISTER BLADIN is a man's man, a member of a crew who all dress a little differently, but all care about their clothing. 

There's THE RICH BOY. He likes the finer things in life and doesn't care about the cost because quality is king. Cash is no problem for THE RICH BOY. 

There's THE FANCY BOY. He likes dressing up even when there's no need to. He brings the heat and he's proud of it. THE FANCY BOY loves a little attention.

There's THE FIT BOY. He needs no excuse to get his pipes out; rain, hail or shine. THE FIT BOY rolls out like he's just crushed a session at the gym and smashed a protein shake.

Then there's THE BORING BOY. Despite what he sounds like, he's a good time guy, and he just knows what he likes. 

There's also THE SLIGHTLY LESS BORING BOY, who, as his name suggests, is a little more exciting than THE BORING BOY, but not quite as adventurous as THE FANCY BOY. 

Lastly, there's THE BOAT BOY, and every crew has one. THE BOAT BOY loves boats and the attire that comes with a life living near the sea. THE BOAT BOY would rather be naked, but because that's frowned upon, he wears the lightest of light shirts that blow in the wind like his beachy hair.

MISTER BLADIN is one man, but he's designing for a bunch of boys who take pride in what they wear. MISTER BLADIN doesn't just care about what's on the outside either, so he designs with the environment in mind because he's a caring kind of guy.

MISTER BLADIN himself is an avid environmentalist, which conflicts with his love of fashion. He struggled to find good looking clothes that were both ethical and sustainable, so, not being one to shy away from an opportunity, he decided to solve the problem. 

MISTER BLADIN is good fashion for good men. It's ethical. It's sustainable. It's damn fine. It feels good. It fits well. It does what it says it will. It's easy to wear, easy to wash, and easy to care for. 

It's for casual days that turn into adventurous nights. It's for days on the boat that turn into dinners out. It's for every man who wants a reliable shirt. 

It's designed by a man who appreciates the finer things in life, and it's made in Melbourne by a small team of creative lads who care about what they do.

Good shirts. Good times. Good stuff.