Sleeveless Organic Cotton Straight Hem Black Tank


This shirt is not for you if you're used to buying cheap $50 shirts. If you like slave labour, go for those $50 shirts. This shirt is not for you if you like chemically-grown cotton. If you like unsustainable clothing, go for those $50 shirts.

If you're like us though, and care about your impact and want to make the world a better place every time you put on an impeccably-fitting shirt, then this shirt is for you. If you want to look good and do good, then this shirt is for you.

Our shirts cost a little more because we make them ethically in Australia. Our shirts cost a little more because they're worth it. Our shirts cost what they cost, because they fit exceptionally well and we care about quality.

Our shirts are designed to be fitted but not tight. Buy your normal size. If you want a more fitted shirt, size down. If you want an oversized fit, size up. We spent two years perfecting our edit and the result is an exceptional fit and superior feel. They're tailored through the body. No baggy saggy sack shirts here.

We've designed our shirts for tall men, so our sleeves are a little longer than most. Cuff 'em if you've got short arms. Our model is wearing a size large. He is 191cm tall.

Sleeveless Organic Cotton Straight Hem Black Tank

Hey big boy! Have you got arms that are too big for sleeves? Or maybe you aren't opposed to flashing the occasional side boob. If both of these scenarios apply to you, the Cool Boy Tank is for you.

Fits like a glove, tastes like butter, and is slim and long just like you.

Organic. Sustainable. Soft. Because we care, even if you don't. Besides being better for the environment, our organic French Terry is also better for your body. It's knitted in Melbourne and dyed with OEKO-TEX dyes. What do those fancy words mean? It means our fabric is free from harmful chemicals and it's safe for human use, which is what you need a shirt to be.  Our fabric is also Fairtrade Certified. Tick, tick, tick.

Details and fit.
French side seams with twin needle stitching for strength and a big hole for your head. Beautifully finished hidden stitching. That's right, no cheap and nasty visible threads here. It's also got a fancy straight hemline with side splits so you can bend and snap in this bad boy.

You make money, we make money and our makers make money, the ethical way. Our crafty maker is Ethical Clothing Australia accredited. There are no sweatshop secrets here. 

Our shirts are sustainably made with organic cotton and dyed with OEKO-TEX dyes. Our swing tags are made from recycled cardboard and even our care labels are cotton. No nasty polyester here. We ship with plastic-free, biodegradable, and recyclable packaging and we're designing for circularity. What's circular fashion all about? It's about circles obviously, and also the future. We keep all of our offcuts and cutting waste and we're coming up with a plan to repurpose it.

Washing instructions.
Washing machine-friendly. Preshrunk for the best fit results. You can't go wrong. Even if you accidentally put it in the dryer. We've pre-shrunk for people like you.

MISTER BLADIN pieces are ethically and sustainably made in Melbourne, Australia with premium organic fabrics for the best fit and feel. Basics, but better.